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  • Model Supplemental Agreement to PCA for Rule 35, Zone 1F & Conv to PP 2012
  • Pakistan Oil Refining Policy 2023 for Existing Brownfield Refineries- Implementation Issues
  • Bids Evaluation Report for Supply of Staionary, Computer Stationary, Misc Items etc FY 2023-24
  • Policy Guideline Import on Foreign Supplier’s Account Through Custom Bonded Storage Facilities
  • Distribution of Work of Section Officers working in Petroleum Division
  • Policy Guidelines For Installation Of LPG Air-Mix Plants In Private Sector
  • HR plan - 2% Disability Quota
  • Pakistan Oil Refining Policy 2023 For New Greenfield Refineries
  • Unaccounted for gas Report FY 2019-22
  • Report on UFG 1 and 2 Qtr FY 2021-22 for IMF
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